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The Talon Throwdown Series is extremely happy to partner with Soak Fitness for Takes 2 to Tango.


Soak Fitness is dedicated to creating innovative products for athletes to recover faster and more effectively.  We recently launched our Crossfit/training recovery product called “The Soak.” It’s a bath soak used to substantially reduce recovery time for athletes.  The Soak’s combination of magnesium sulfate and essential oils draws out toxins and replenishes fatigued muscles with minerals and nutrients, resulting in rapid muscle recovery.  The Soak is most typically used in a warm water bath, but can also be used in an ice bath if dissolved first.  Also, one can dissolve The Soak, freeze it, and then use it as an ice massage.


We are excited to be a part of the Throwdown Series and wish all the competitors good luck!!!


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